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The control over birth rate And the Cancer of a neck of a uterus

The control over birth rate - the big theme, is not present doubt that it, and women more know than ever that presence of children is not obligatory result of presence of a floor. They also are conscious that presence of children not at that time can damage their career, and they also know that passions or alcohol can disturb safe sex, using condoms very often.
It leads to the women taking supervision of the huge majority of the control over birth rate, accepting ' a pill '. The contraceptive pill has caused noise in the sixtieth with Establishment and the Churches predicting decline of a society and ethics. And to some extent, they were right. But that happens, should otmesti many social barriers and privileges that earlier only rich (and men) had. ' the Old order ' has lost a few bases.
Problem with a manner that women took the sexual lives under the control, was or is double: first, men leave ' such thing ' to the woman and secondly, accepting a pill can lead to a cancer of a neck of a uterus. Possibilities of acquisition of a cancer of a neck of a uterus from pill acceptance are small (15 000 Americans in a year of which one third dies), but they really exist.
However, there are no known cases of the men concluding a cancer from carrying of clothes of a condom.
Women usually receive a cancer of a neck of a uterus from floor presence. They lift the Human Virus of the Papilloma (HPV). Time Most part, the immune system of the woman will prevent to cause to that virus a cancer, but research has shown that women who accept a pill of more than five years abreast, have higher danger than women who have no.
Hence the condom would help here.
Regrettably, there are no signs at early stages of a cancer of a neck of a uterus, but later, there can be heavier losses of blood, a pain after the sexual intercourses and even unpleasant smells. The periods could last also much longer than ' usual '.
The problem with researches consists that, there often there arrives other research to prove something else and business is so here too. Some researches have shown that use of a contraceptive pill reduces occurrence yaichnikovogo a cancer.
It resembles old statements, always there is a counter, as in:
' Absence forces heart to become more loving'
' Friendship generate contempt '.
If you listen ' to experts ', you would be in the constant state of a difficult situation. Therefore, unique really safe course that should take to go for frequent tests or elimination - at least once a year if your doctor or the gynecologist do not speak to you various and if it or it does, call in question it.
Pharmaceutical firms promised a man's contraceptive pill or introduction within many decades. Actually, the pill can even be there. But it usually not point. Difficulty usually - men. It is impossible to depend on the majority of men to provide sufficient contraception while they are interested in casual relations.
While this situation proceeds, women will continue to risk so that they have not been broken by a family of 10 children as their great-grandmothers, were.
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